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Fant Farm Organics

Composting with a purpose

Our Story

We are the Fants and we are farmers.

We come from a long line of pioneer farmers who have worked the land for over 100 years in this same area that used to be the town of Fantville. We are Floridians from Levy County, the nature coast. We are proud members of our community. We are growers and harvesters. We are environmental, problem solvers, and thinkers.

We are... composters.

Garden Soil
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Why choose us?

We are a DEP-registered facility.

We are QCS certified for organic use.

We use regenerative farming practices.

Our soils

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Potting mix


A thoroughly composted blend of horse bedding and manure

Our signature blend of compost with added wood chips.

Our signature blend of compost mixed with sand.

$26 per yard

$26 per yard

$26 per yard

Not sure which soil to pick? We're here to help!

We Deliver!

Call us today to get a delivery quote!

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Follow our soil journey


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21491 SE 35th Street  Morriston, Fl


Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm

Saturday 8am-12pm

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